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United States. As voice stress companies came and went over the years, Charles led the NITV to become what is now the undisputed leader in the field of voice stress analysis.  In 1986 Charles began development of the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA) and debuted it in 1988. The CVSA has since become the only VSA widely accepted in the law enforcement community with nearly 1,900 agencies, including the US military, utilizing the system. The NITV recently introduced the CVSA II, which contains a revolutionary, patented automatic scoring algorithm developed by Charles, and available only on the CVSA II from the NITV. Other than the original inventor, Charles is the only person to be awarded a patent for forensic voice stress analysis (#7,321,855). Charles was recently awarded a second patent (#7,571,101) from the US Patent Office. Source: Charles Humble


Brackets [ ] indicate where the reversal occurs. Click on the mp3 to hear the reversal.



Heartbeat of America


(Doug Luellen: What is this?)

Well Doug, the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer, or CVSA, is simply software based loaded onto a laptop computer. It simply takes the voice frequencies, and measures those voice frequencies, amplitude, modulation and frequency modulation. When stress occurs in the brain, the frequency modulation starts to dissipate. Uh the, [the software] then takes those frequencies, measures those, and puts them out in the form of graph on the computer.

They're a falsehood.


(Doug Luellen: OK. So you're seeing a readout in front of you. What is that readout telling you?)

[Well the readout basically, it's a], they're uh, the patterns are very easy to read. The readout is telling us how much stress the person is under at the point of utterance.

This will perceived believable.


With the CVSA, by the way we've been in business for 20 years now. [This didn't happen overnight. The] CVSA takes about 45 minutes to an hour to conduct an exam, and there no inconclusives.

The only one to patent this shit.


As a CVSA examiner, any examiner can run 5-6 exams a day, and always get a positive result. And this is partially based on the fact that we have a scoring algorithm, automatic scoring algorithm, that at the end of the interview tells the examiner where deception wa[s found, if any was] found.

Show will effect lives.


(Doug Luellen: In general, every time you've used this, has it turned out to be accurate?)

Well we just got a report from Iraq, from the Special Forces there. They just completed 200 examinations, and they found it to be 100% accurate. That's coming from them not us. We claim it's about 98% accurate, [an but that's from field re]ports.

The belief. We've send them that.


That's from all the Law Enforcement agencies that report back [to us. The, the Department of Defense]...

Snafued in profit, you'd cite.


...last year did a survey of Law Enforcement agencies that utilize the CVSA. [I think it was somewhere around] 85% called it extremely accurate, or very accurate.

My whirl make sure we get that.


 (Doug Luellen: And is this because when someone is lying to you, telling you a non truth, they cannot hide it, it shows somewhere in their voice pattern when it is being read by the computer?)

That's correct. It's not something you can control. For instance on the polygraph, we have a lot of counter measures people utilize against the polygraph, that's why it goes inconclusive so much.

(Doug Luellen: It can be fooled?)

It can be [fooled or at least it does not pick up] the uh, the monitoring does not pick up the deception.

I get answer to seal their wolf.


(Doug Luellen: You said it's been around for awhile. You developed this technology, by the way.)

That's correct. Since 1986 I started working on the CVSA. I started my Law Enforcement career in nineteen [sixty nine with the Indianap]olis police department, and I was trained as a voice stress examiner and a polygraphist.

Finding it useful. Now an interest.


(Doug Luellen: It makes one wonder why this isn't being used everywhere?)

Well there's a powerful lobby that blocks it every chance they get. That's the polygraph lobby. The American Polygraph Association, The Department of Defense Polygraph Institute, uh [basically we can train] any detective in 6 days.

They're sneaky with their shit.


ABC Primetime News


(Brian Ross: Is there a single scientific study that shows this actually works?)

I don't believe there has been an independent scientific study [that shows this this actually wor]ks.

I won't discuss it. This is horseshit.

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Charlatans of Truth

Original Post Date: 10-26-09


Charles Humble - Computer Voice Stress Analyzer




Charles Humble is best known and widely regarded as the “Father” of forensic voice stress analysis.  He is the founder of the National Institute for Truth Verification (NITV) and became a voice stress analyst in 1974, three years after the introduction of the first voice stress analysis instrument. Charles is also a licensed polygraph examiner. Over the past thirty-four years, Charles developed what is now accepted as the “Gold Standard for VSA training, the NITV Certified Examiners Course. The course is based on the experience he gained from nearly 14,000 examinations that he conducted during his career, as well as input he received from a wide variety of law enforcement agencies throughout the

TJ Ward – Layered Voice Analysis Technology


T.J. Ward is the only private investigator in the country licensed to use Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) 6.50. T.J. has recently entered into a business venture with Lynn Robbins, president of Voice Analysis Technologies of Madison, Wisconsin, to offer this truth verification system to law enforcement agencies, corporate security and loss prevention divisions across the country. It's currently in use by 65 law enforcement and 12 federal agencies. Source: Investigative Consultants International

He says one could beat any machine, but he says the difference is the Layered Voice Analysis test is 95% accurate as opposed to the polygraph which is 


about 50% accurate.


He states that the software will not only will it tell him if the subject is telling the truth, it will tell him if they are hiding something. He says that it is “Very effective. Probably one of the most effective tools I’ve ever seen in the course of using in an investigation".


The following examples of reverse speech are from an interview with Misty Cummings, stepmother to Haleigh Cummings, and a press conference with TJ Ward inregards to his findings. Within 23-25 minutes he says he was able to determine that Misty Cummings has either indirect or direct knowledge as to the whereabouts of Haleigh Cummings. She is not telling the truth and she has some interest in the disappearance.



First Coast News 8-28-09


...[When I just asked you that], it came up and said you're not sure.

I decide your hell.


(Reporter: What were the results of Misty's voice test?)

She had a lot of false statements and inaccuracies for what she was talked about as to the events from February the ninth and [into February the tenth 2009] in regards to be the custodian over Haleigh Marie Cummings while she was at home.

I'm the lie that planted her with this.


(Reporter: Do you think she would volunteering for it, is it because she not a very smart person and did that, or do you think she is going for the attention, or what?)

I think she is living a very high stress level right now, and I don't know [why she is not telling the truth or who she's covering for], but in my beliefs and the many tests I've run with Layered Voice Analysis 6.50 that she knows something about the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings.

I often were not too sure where her voice start to show.

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