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Haleigh Cummings
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Original Post Date: 3-19-09
Haleigh Cummings 5 years old from Satsuma, Florida disappeared from her home in the middle of the night. Seventeen year old Misty Croslin discovered that Haleigh was not in her bed around 3 a.m. on Feb. 10, 2009. Haleigh's father, Ronald Cummings, who married Misty Croslin on March 12, 2009, was at work at the time. When he arrived home, Misty met him at the front door, and told him that she had just woken up to find the back door open and Haleigh missing from her bed. The home had no signs of forced entry, but a rear door may have been left unlocked. The door was standing open several inches, and the screen door was propped open with a cinder block. Misty last saw Haleigh when she went to bed in the same room at about 10 p.m.

The speech reversals from Misty Croslin-Cummings and Ronald Cummings appear to indicate that they are being truthful in not knowing who abducted Haleigh Cummings as well as not having anything personally to do with her disappearance. I have more than 100 examples of reverse speech from a dozen people surrounding this case, which includes law enforcement officials, and currently the only person that does not appear to be congruent is Hank "Tommy" Croslin Jr. There is one example of a speech reversal from him that references a window. If he is involved in Haleigh’s disappearance, could he have used a window to gain access to the home?


Update 8-18-09: Ronald Cummings cleared by police. Misty Croslin-Cummings still may hold answers according to police.
Update 8-27-09: Reverse speech analysis of Capt. Piscitello of the Putnam County Sheriff's Office, from an interview on
                         August 27, 2009 (see page 2), indicates the reason police think Misty may not be telling them everything
                         she knows is because they think the abductor is a blood relative of Misty's.
Update 9-2-09: Misty Cummings fails two polygraph tests, and a layered voice analysis test. (Can Reverse Speech reveal the
Click on the reversal to hear the MP3.
911 Call 2-10-09

Misty (Cummings):

Hi, I just woke up and my backdoor was all open, and I can't find my daughter.

God damn it, they went through that door.


 (Operator: What's the numerical?)

Yamearical? What's that?

It's on Green Lane.


(Operator: Ok. What was she last seen wearing?)

She was in her pajamas. We were sleeping.

This is true.

(This reversal occurs when she says "we were sleeping". Because it occurred at the end of the statement, I'm inclined to believe that both statements are true. However the question was what was Haleigh last seen wearing, and did not include a question as to what Misty was doing. Are both statements true, or just the first?)


(Operator: Was the back door locked, do you know?)

Yes. The back door always stays locked.

I'll bet you our daughter's dead. (Misty is not Haleigh's biological mother, but she had indicated in a media interview that Haleigh looked to her like a mother.) 


Ronald Cummings: 

Ma’am I need somebody to be here now.

(Crosstalk: Their coming.)

(Crosstalk) Where would he be? I would be running.


If I find whoever has my daughter before y'all do I'm killin' em...

My use of the law. That guy who will now fuck her. (Fuck - used here may mean; treat unfairly, or victimize.)


Got better people to talk to than fucking mother fucker that ain't coming.

Must be able to tell me something.



MSNBC - Today Show 2-12-09


Ronald Cummings:

I wannna say thanks to all the people helping me.

I have a big loss in this.



Fox News - On The Record 2-13-09


Misty Cummings:

(Question: Did they use the word "pass", or did they say "There was no sign of deception"?)

Said that I passed, and they really didn't say much to me.

It's a mess never going get myself out of this.

(Crosstalk) Greta reversal: Wish it will work out.



CBS - Early Show 2-17-09


Ronald Cummings:

Please. Bring Haleigh home.

Want Haleigh here.


Misty Cummings: 

(Question: How far away from you was she sleeping Misty?)

Like, four feet away.

I already told you.


(Question: And how is it she could have disappeared without you waking up?)

...I mean I was a little exhausted that morn, that night...

And I don't know about the source remove her.



CNN - Nancy Grace 2-21-09


Ronald Cummings:

(Please tell us what happened when you got home that night. I believe it was around three AM.)

Uh actually it was about 3:25 - 3:27

I was in shock.


Fox News - Geraldo At Large 2-21-09


Ronald Cummings:

(Question: when you told Marcus and Chad that you were 75% sure (who took Haleigh) and you had your gun ready and you were going to go get them, didn't you say that? Isn't that a fact Ron?

No. It is not a fact.

(Crosstalk) I can't answer you.



Ronald Cummings Statement From The office Of His Attorney Jerry Snider


Jerry Snider: 

Hello I'm Jerry Snider. I'm an attorney for Ronald Cummings. As most of you know on February 9, 2009, Haleigh Cummings went missing from her home in Satsuma, Florida.

Outlook would seem is not good.


Ronald Cummings: 

I'd like to thank all of the volunteers, the law enforcement, anybody that looked for my child or following tips to clues...

The law against him. (Reverse speech is known to occur in the third person.)


...but she's still out there somewhere and the one's that just think they might not...

I admit that there's no one there who wants apologies.

(There had been speculations that he was involved with seedy characters. Could this reversal mean he has told law enforcement that he is not aware of anyone wanting retribution?) nothing might be the one that one that brings her home and we still need her to come home.

They won't hurt her, and nobody found a body.


...Thanks for everything you've done...

I can't throw a fit.


And Haleigh if you're watching, baby I love you and we're still looking for you.

There's no idea if it's over.



Update: Added 9-2-09 


Brackets [ ] indicate where the reversal occurs.


First Coast News 8-27-09 John Gastar Hypnotist Session with Misty Cummings


(John Gastar: Tell me about the day in your own words.) Granny, in Welaka, had some clothes that she wanted to wear, so we drove all the way over [to Welaka to get the clothes she wanted to wear].

I was not sure who's in the house. (The reversal is in response to his request.)


...the A/C guy was there. Then I walked out of the house and I called Ronald and I said "well, the A/C guy is here" and he said "Yeah", and I gave the phone to Ronald to talk [to the A/C guy and my brother was there]...

Crazy looking guy. He sees us. ("A/C guy" perhaps?)


...and we just watched the kids play in the yard, [and Haleigh was doing great]...

Guy is still there.



First Coast News 8-28-09 TJ Ward -Layered Voice Analysis with Misty Cummings


(TJ Ward:How long have you known Haleigh?

Misty Cummings: For almost a year.)

TJ Ward:

[OK. And, on the], she went missing on?

Do you know what happened?


(TJ Ward: What time did you go to bed?)

About ten o'clock. Haleigh went to bed, I laid her down at eight o'clock. [That's her bedtime. The kid's bedtime is eight o'clock].

I'll say it. Must not be thinking I'm innocent.


(TJ Ward: What happened after that?)

[Went to sleep]!

You're scum.


(TJ Ward: Do you know of any person that would bother Haleigh?)

See I really didn't know a lot of people. I mean I have suspicious, yeah. [I have people that I think about all the] time.

Thought I would get the adult feedback.


With the next three reversals there is an exchange where TJ Ward is using a tactic used in polygraph tests, and apparently while using the Layered Voice Analysis 6.50, where the examiner proclaims that they are seeing something that indicates an untruth, whereby the guilty party believes that with all the gadgetry they must be actually seeing the lie and begin confessing to the crime. In this case TJ Ward implies twice he is seeing something indicating she is not being truthful. Notice in the first reversal she is telling him that she doesn’t know anything, she’s not involved and what he is seeing is not true. With the second two reversals, even though she is a kid she is not afraid of him, and he is making a charge where he is trying to stray from the truth.

(TJ Ward: ...There's things that you're not telling me. OK. And I want you to tell me about it. OK. I can see it. There's things going with you about Haleigh gone missing that you know about that you're not telling anybody.)

[There's nothing that I'm not telling nobody]. I've told everybody everything that I know. I don't know what you're trying to get out of me...

I don't know. I'm not in, it's untrue.


I'm seventeen years old what do you think? [Like come on]...

I'm not scared. [much can a seventeen year old take]?

You're going to misdirection.


(TJ Ward: ...Let's go back and talk about Tommy and Joe.)

OK. Joe is psycho. He has problems really bad problems he [molested me when I was a little girl too]. He's molested my little cousin at five years old.

Was awful, so I don't need to tell it.


...cause I didn't have nothin' to do with her. I love [that little girl more than anything]. Would never hurt her. If I knew who hurt her I would tell.

Admit it. It don't look good.


TJ Ward:

...[When I just asked you that], it came up and said you're not sure.

I decide your hell.


 (TJ Ward: Do you have another brother named Joe? Misty: Nope that's my cousin. TJ Ward: That's your cousin? Misty: Yup. TJ Ward: Tell me about him.)

He's crazy. He's got mental problems. I'm telling you he's got mental problems, and he's got them bad. When he was down here, he was only down here [for a couple of wee]ks...

Evil fucker.


...and he come to visit everybody. He come to visit my family. And you know we didn't think of anything, I know I would be safe because I'm around everybody. If I was by myself with him, [then I wouldn't be around him].

I wouldn't go. Admit.


(TJ Ward: What do think has happened to Haleigh?)

[I don't know what’s happened to her I mean]...

Being branded by someone older.


...I don't think she's dead. I don't think she's dead at all. [Everybody keeps saying she] could be. I don't think Haleigh's dead.

I shouldn't speak of it.


 (TJ Ward: Tell me about the van.) younger brother wakes up probably about maybe 12:30-1:00 in the morning. And he didn't see Joe on his bed where he usually sleeps at. So he didn't think anything, you know he thought maybe he was in the back bedroom using the phone like he always is talking on the phone. [So he went back to sleep. The next morning the van's moved in a different spot]. The keys are in a different spot...

I've suffered in the dudes name and now it's going to feel so scandalous.


...Joe usually sleeps in his boxers. He slept in his pants and sox and a shirt. [Then there's the big scratch on the side of the] van...

The mark shows he did it.


Conversations are known to take place in reverse speech. In the next examples Misty Cummings speech reversal is in response to TJ Ward's reversal. 

TJ Ward:

Do you think [Haleigh got put into that van]?

I don't know if I believe you.


Misty Cummings: 

[I had, I'm mean just because of] the scratch. I mean, why would there be any scratch? Why would there be, you know, why would the van be moved?

You look at decision. You're weren't there.


(TJ Ward: ...Did somebody tell you not to say something about taking?)

No. Nobody told me nothin' not to say about Haleigh or nothing. [I've never been once told] not to tell where Haleigh is...

No scum to prevent that.


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