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We are made to know
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(Question from Lee: I'm just curious if anything has changed as far as who I can trust and those type of things?)

As far as I'm concerned here, I don't really know on that level.

Hold out on that porn dealer.


I guess understandably just...

Just kill. The nature in that faggot.


 ...being out of contact but...

That guy not what I need.


(With the news of 12-8-08 that Caylee Anthony had been confirmed deceased it appears probable from the previous three speech reversals Casey Anthony is revealing quite a bit of information. She has indicated that she doesn’t intend to reveal who the killer is, but she has indicated the killer is a male. And he appears to be involved in an industry that is sexual in nature. She uses the word “faggot”. “Faggot” in a reversal has very strong negative and derogatory emotions attached to it, and she is using this to indicate how she feels towards this killer. “Faggot” is a metaphor in reverse speech. According to David J. Oates’ Metaphors in Reverse Speech Dictionary the word “faggot” is referenced as follows:


FAGGOT see Nigger; a term of disrespect; a weakened male persona; effeminate; also a homosexual.

NIGGER see Ass, Shit; a derogatory term, regardless of race; an insult; dysfunction in life; to be attracting rubbish; to destroy ones power.

ASS part of larger group loosely entitled Anal reversals; see Shit, Fart; negative sexual energy; negative emotional energy; people being involved with each other in a negative manner; negative attachments; relationships that are mutually destructive; also an insult.)


(Lee Anthony) I've talked with pretty much everybody at this point.

(Lee Anthony) They'll be arresting you.



Update: Added 1-22-09

Fox - George and Cindy Anthony Jailhouse Visit 8-14-08 


(George Anthony: are the boss through this whole thing.)

Well no I'm not anymore dad. I haven't been since I got here.

That gets me so mad when I hear that.


(George Anthony: You’re the one that can say listen...)

...You guys have given everything to the police. They're not helping us...

Saying it will honor the seal.

(Seal: Something that keeps a thing secret. Anything that serves as assurance, confirmation, or bond.)


The opportunity was there that I probably could've helped. I'm trying. I was trying. There's, there's nothing more that I can say or do until I'm home.

My wish that we agree to sneak out of the home. If unobserved I'll show ya.


You're taking for granted the fact that I have no one to comfort me.

A guy said that I would make history.


(Casey is commenting on the media.)

...I'll do whatever the hell I have to, to get my family back together.

Wish the hell I had a way to respond.



911 Disturbance Call 9-18-08


We already called about an hour and a half ago. It took over thirty minutes for the officers to get here.

They can't justify this. please send as many people as you possibly can.

When I heal the past, this won't be seen as the message. (Could this mean she is planning on talking about what happened to Caylee?)


There's at least a dozen people and now two media van.

They didn't respond at all, because I (unknown)

Casey Anthony: Reasonable Doubt?



If speech reversals are put together an overall theme can often be noticeable.


Reversals Below Are From Casey Anthony Only:


Won't see where that was smart.


Never the Sawgrass scene.


I fear. That's fair.


You capture my issues.


Here I hand out an offer, but I'm not with you.


I don't attempt to ask what you value.


Reason is the boy.


Not going to add to the fire.


I wish you wouldn't yell it on me now.

Well you are so positive, then get out of here.


When I give you my proof, they'll do shit.


I still love her.


Must see the involvement. I'm the one choice.


Boys did this. Warned me against the law help you.


Not this guilty.

No one hear what necessary.


They are still scared when they're not guilty...

...In all the terror.


I'm helping guard you. 


He wouldn't take it.


There's the whole audience.


Bring in my father.


Just to show that I'm the killer. Then it goes to nowhere.


Had to stay low.


They call me shadow.


Must remember that face.


Be sure no one's been with Mark Meschino (sp)


We could actually expand on that.

Daddy says this doesn't feel good.


I did not foresee it happening.


The cell phone's trashed.

Carmen mishandled it.


I'm not the despot.


I had nothing else to do. I figured would say hi.

Wishing had the money.


Hold out on that porn dealer.

Just kill. The nature in that faggot.

That guy not what I need.


They can't justify this.


When I heal the past, this won't be seen as the message.


They didn't respond at all, because I (unknown)


That gets me so mad when I hear that.


My wish that we agree that sneak out of the home. If unobserved I'll show ya.


A guy said that I would make history.


Wish the hell I had a way to respond.




Cindy Anthony - Casey Anthony's Mother





The speech reversals from Cindy Anthony are indicating she has been truthful as to what she knows. She appears to believe that her daughter has been deceitful, and deep down she may believe that Caylee has died.


Fox News America's Newsroom 7-21-08 that tells me something right now...

I'm airing this message just as it was.


People don't know that Caylee is missing, and they may have been the one to see her. So my focus...

We go down the streets and no one knows my (grandbaby) missing since we leak it.


I'm going to let the police department focus on the why's, when's, what's where's, when's leading up to and we'll sort that all out.

Always I reveal.


What I said was Casey has been trying to tell the police in her own way what she can tell them.

In the action of disease.


And the only unfortunate thing is they want a clear picture. There's no clear picture. Casey has her reasons why she just can't blurt out the whole story.

They knew this girls not feeling right.


 ...and our focus has to be on putting her picture constantly in the public eye.

First just help me look. Now you must pass the votes on it.



Fox News - On The Record 7-21-08


...will really appreciate this and this is why I'm here.

Right now it's a sensitive issue.


(Question: Have you ever seen or met the baby sitter?) again, I don't have the strength and energy to think about this.

Nursing my heart.


...and Casey told me she was relieved that I'm the one that called the police, and not her.

Knowing that my feeling is that she was deceiving.


Fox Bond Hearing 7-22-08


(Question: Has this whole thing created a bit of confusion for you?)

Not about that. Confusion about other things, but certainly not Casey's love for Caylee.

Helps me through that. I believe she died. (Could this mean the confusion helps her not to think how she is really feeling about what has happened to Caylee?) 


She stated that she was afraid to tell the police she told them that.

I'm opposed to shield the bastard here.


If I can't get the money, I will ask my family for money.

Get on with it I have it.


You're acting like you want me to tell you a story.

We launch this new oath. Ill inquiry. (Reverse Speech is known to occur in the third person.)


(Question: Why dou you think that she [Casey] might be threatened?)

...there's only one of two reasons why Casey would be withholding something but to about Caylee...

Must admit must seem awful, but we seek help.


I truly believed it was that day. (The last time she saw Caylee.)

Yes. that's the way it feel.



Fox News - Happening Now 7-23-08 come back to me in 19 days and tell me what it smells like.

Though we mustn't see any standings. (Reverse Speech is known to occur in the third person. Does this mean she really does not want to know the answer?)



Caylee Reading From A Book


(Uncertain what she is saying forward.)

Watch me when I handle this. (In the video, Caylee quickly turns a page of the book just after saying this reversal.)


(Uncertain what Caylee is saying. There is a lot of background noise and cross talk with Cindy saying "She telling me the story." There may be reversal from Cindy too, saying "I actually like it.")

Are you recording? (This is what I hear through the background noise, and crosstalk with Cindy.)



Jesse Grund - Casey's Ex-Fiance


Fox - Giraldo Rivera 9-20-08


When I found out Caylee wasn’t mine it was very, it was mixed emotions for me....

It was a relief when I found out.


(Question: Do you think that Casey Anthony killed Caylee?)

From what I've seen from Casey's behavior, it's hard for me to actually see, the fact, seeing her do that intentionally to Caylee. It's just, knowing Casey I just can't see it.

Her behavior's the signal.


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