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Original post date 8-1-08




Caylee Anthony from Orlando, Florida has been missing since June 9, 2008.


Her mother Casey Anthony is a person of interest in her daughter's disappearance, but has been charged only with child neglect, false statements to police and obstructing an investigation. Bond was set at $500,000. When Casey and her family first reported Caylee missing on July 15, 2008 she told police her daughter already had been gone for a month. She also claimed that Caylee had been taken by a baby sitter, who also vanished. Since that time, police have expressed doubt in many of the details of Casey Anthony’s story. They also have testified that they found hair samples, and detected an odor of human decomposition in the trunk of a car Casey Anthony had been driving.





Casey Anthony's speech reversals seem to be revealing more clues as to what happened to her daughter than is being released to the public from law enforcement. There are currently nearly four dozen examples of Casey’s reverse speech presented here.


Her reversals do not appear to indicate being directly involved with the murder of her daughter. Her reverse speech does not seem to be indicating motive. Her speech reversals do appear to be indicating that she is scared, professing her innocence, and that Caylee had been killed by others. Her reversals seem to reference potentially more than one male that is responsible, and she may be specifically revealing the name of at least one which may be an alias, but that is the name she knows this person by.


If Casey’s reverse speech has been accurate in indicating Caylee had been killed, there are two references, what other speech reversals from Casey remain to be proven to be accurate as well?


Update: 8-28-08 DNA evidence found in the car conlcudes it is that of Calyee, and she is deceased.


Update: 12-11-08 Caylee Anthony's remains were found.


There are also examples of Casey Anthony's mother Cindy, her brother Lee, Caylee, as well as Jesse Grund that follow.



9:41 PM 7-15-08 Call to 911


Click on the reversal to hear the mp3.


(Question: Why are you calling now. Why didn't you call 31 days ago?)
I've been looking for her, and have gone through other resources to try and find her. Which was stupid.

Won't see where that was smart. (Reverse speech analysis from Casey below may suggest the reason why she may have thought it was the smart thing not to call.) 



4:11 AM 7-16-08


(Question: Where did you drop your child off?)

The Sawgrass apartments on Conway and Michigan.

Never the Sawgrass scene. (It appears that her reverse speech is indicating that never occurred.)


Update: Detective Melich from 1:20 pm interview says “There’s no person that ever lived there by that name. The apartment’s been vacant since March.”


I was getting pretty upset, pretty frantic.

I fear. That's fair. (“Fair” by definition in this case may mean; free from dishonesty. In other words, she appears to be indicating she is truly scared.)


Switching numbers back and forth...

You capture my issues. (Crosstalk) 


If we can find that other phone, or I might have it online...

Here I hand out an offer, but I'm not with you. (Could it be she wants help, but doesn't want to appear to be helping the police? Later that evening in a call to her family from jail, there is a reversal of her indicating she has been warned not to have the police help her. Is this the reason behind sending the police on wild goose chases?)



1:20 PM 7-16-08


(Question: Would your parents be upset if you had given the baby back to  the daddy, and to take back for his parents to take care of?)

He passed away last year we hadn't even talked much before that.

I don't attempt to ask what you value.


(Investigator: I would have called the police immediately, and that's the part that I just don't understand.)

I didn't know what to do. (Crosstalk) (Investigator: We could, we got so many resources...)

Reason is the boy. (Crosstalk) (Investigator reversal: "Don't see a reason. What's the deal?")

(Later that evening in a call to her family from jail there is a reversal of Casey saying "Boys did this." she also says "Warned me against the law help you." It would seem that there are at least one or more males involved as being the reason she did not call police.)


I saw my mom's reaction right off the bat, and it would have been the same from the get go.

Not going to add to the fire.


I don't know what else to do anymore. If I new where she was...

I wish you wouldn't yell it on me now.


...if something were to have happened. I would have admitted that a long time ago. (Crosstalk)

Well you are so positive, then get out of here.


If she was with her family right now she'd be in the best place.

When I give you my proof, they'll do shit. ("They" - seems to be obvious that there is more than one other person she is afraid of.)


(Question: What point did you stop trusting her?

Investigator: It's a tragedy of hell.

The moment that her phone was cut off.

I still love her. (Is this a response to the investigator's speech reversal?)



Casey Anthony's call to family 7-16-08


You don't know what my involvement is and stuff?

Must see the involvement. I'm the one choice.


(Cindy Anthony) I don't know what your involvement is sweetheart.

(Cindy Anthony) Girl you've been involved.


You keep, you're not telling me where she's at.

(Cindy Anthony) I just show you not going to be easy.


Waste my call sitting in oh, the the jail.

Boys did this. Warned me against the law help you. (Partial cross talk with Cindy Anthony)


(Cindy Anthony) Well who's  fault is your sitting in the jail. You're blaming...

(Cindy Anthony) You make the lies then, and you didn't face the lawsuit.


(Cindy Anthony) that your sitting in the jail. Blame yourself for telling lies.

(Cross talk with Casey: It's not my fault.)

(Cindy Anthony) I'm not professing your point. When the music first convene. (Cross talk with Casey)


(Cindy Anthony) What do you mean it's not your fault? What do you mean it's not your fault?

(Cindy Anthony) Will you open up to me?


...(expletive delete) waste your time coming up here.

Not this guilty.


It' was just that every single thing...

No one hear what necessary. (Cross talk with Lee Anthony)


Because he's my boyfriend and I would actually try to sit and talk to him.

They are still scared when they're not guilty... (Reversals are known to occur in the third person. Since she is referencing her boyfriend in the forward speech, could "they" be referring to Casey and him?)


 ...because I got arrested on a... all the terror.


Sweetheart if I...

I'm helping guard you. (cross talking)


Because nobody's (expletive delete) listening to anything I'm saying.

He wouldn't take it.


They got all of their information from me.

There's the whole audience.

(Audience: an opportunity to state your case and be heard; the part of the general public interested in a source of information)

They're going to pin this on me if the don't find Caylee.


Just admit that you must come visit the joker.

(Joker: an unexpected or final fact, factor, or condition that changes or reverses a situation or result completely.)


Because I'm not sitting here (expletive delete) crying every two seconds.

Bring in my father. (cross talking)


I will call you tomorrow. I want to talk to him really quick now. I don't want to close minds....

Just to show that I'm the killer. Then it goes to nowhere.

(She is indicating here she is not the killer.)


I know I can talk to you.

Won't do it now.

(Cross talk reversal Kristina: I really need it.)


I was with them all day today.

Had to stay low.


I was with officers pretty much since 9:00 o'clock last night up until today. Up until this evening when I came up here.

They call me shadow.



Update: Added 12-9-08

Fox - George and Cindy Anthony Jailhouse Visit 7-25-08


(Casey is talking about willing to talk with "Happy" Wells)

See if Dad remembers him.

Must remember that face.


(Cindy - "Jose said that you said everything would make sense once we found Caylee.")

Well yeah. Once you have someone that you can talk to that you can get real explanation from that, notes, knows where she's been...

Be sure no one's been with Mark Meschino (sp)



Casey Anthony's call to Lee Anthony 7-26-08


(Question: Do you have anything that you can tell me that would help?)

There's nothing I can think of at the moment. Um I’m actually trying to get something together today. So I can write a couple of letters to the family.

We could actually expand on that. (Reversals are known to occur in the third person.)


I'm even going to get Jose some stuff to see if you guys get that directly.

Daddy says this doesn't feel good.


 (Question: Did you ever call the baby sitter on your cell phone; ever receive a call from the baby sitter on your cell phone number? Casey's Answer: Most definitely did. (Question: Can you give me any day or anything whenever you think you might have received that?)

...I can't think of any specifics. I mean my days are all thrown together at least to know what the day is today...

I did not foresee it happening. (Does this mean she has never had a cell phone call with the baby sitter?)


(Question: You said you referred to it as your Black Jack?)

... I only had it for probably a week, week and a half. It didn't keep its charge, so it's why I started using that other phone.

The cell phone's trashed.


(Question: So on the Black Jack do you remember the phone number that the Black Jack was associated with?)

It was my same number. I just swapped the sim card back and forth.

Carmen mishandled it.


Update: 8-26-08 Police released documents containing transcripts of potential witnesses which include a neighbor of the Anthony's that Casey had borrowed a shovel from. In the police interview, the neighbor indicates he has a seven year old daughter named "Carmen". See a copy of the transcript: Carmen


(Question: Is there anybody else that knew you were searching for Caylee?)

Outside of them no.

I'm not the despot. (Is she saying she is not the one in absolute control of things?)    



Casey Anthony's call to Lee Anthony 7-30-08 


(Question from Casey: You weren't at the hearing yesterday or at the court house were you?)

(Lee Anthony) No. I wasn't able to make it I was working on some other stuff.

(Lee Anthony) Actually don't want to go.


(Lee Anthony) I was doing something where I lost complete track of time. So I apologize for that. I actually was arriving after everybody was being let out.

(Lee Anthony) Been embarrassed of you.


Hey, no big deal. Yeah, its like I said I just wanted to call and say hi.

I had nothing else to do. I figured would say hi.


You know, tell you that I miss you.

Wishing had the money. (Is she referring to the bail bond money?)


(Question from Casey: How's everything going as far as you're concerned?)

(Lee Anthony) I think it's kind of something new everyday.

(Lee Anthony) Must not speak it.


(Lee Anthony) You know some of this stuff that we you know talked about before.

(Lee Anthony) Deal with this from this side.


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Casey Anthony
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