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Original Post Date: April, 2008



Theresa Parker from Lafayette, Georgia and has been missing since the evening of March 21, 2007 when she left her sister's residence. She was an employee with Walker County Emergency Dispatch and had normal contact with family daily. Sam Parker was a police officer for the same department. The Parker’s were in the middle of a divorce when Theresa went missing.


On February 4, 2008 Sam Parker was arrested and charged with murder in connection with Theresa’s death. As of that time she had not been found.



It is clear from Sam Parker's speech reversals that he has been deceptive with law enforcement, and has had a direct connection in the disappearance of Theresa Parker. He has revealed motive and how he intended to kill her. Although he has revealed she is in a shallow grave, it is still unclear her exact whereabouts, and if someone else may be an accomplice. 


Update: On September 3, 2009 a jury found Sam Parker guilty for the charge of murdering Theresa Parker. Reverse Speech has proven to be accurate! Even though Sam Parker had said on Judy O'Neal's show (see below) that Ben Chaffin helped him break into Theresa's email account, and Ben Chaffin testified that he helped Sam Parker break into Theresa Parker’s e-mail the jury still came back with not guilty for computer invasion of privacy. His reverse speech also indicated they had broken into her account, and his reasons for doing so.


Update: Theresa Parker's body was found on September 20, 2010. See below speech reversals of Sam Parker from an interview from jail in response to the finding of his wife's body. 



Click on the reversals to hear the mp3 file. Brackets indicate where the reversal occurs.


My Fox Atlanta


[Reporter: “How are you handling all this?]

Minute by minute, not day by day...

It make(s) me upset


I never knew that a person could be just instantly...[accused of something]

Real upset


[They were ready to lynch me in this town]…and that, that's just beyond me I mean it is

I am lying (gibberish) done it (Is he saying he killed her?)


[Reporter: You feel like their ready to lynch you?]

Yeah, the sheriff told me that I couldn't come home

I am one person that I hid. (This is congruent with the next statement in the interview, not listed here. He said he was told to hide in the local hospital under an assumed name, and says he did.)


I have never in my life ever thought you know that...[things would go so one sided.]

How I married the heart.


[Reporter: It all happened so quickly, they served several search warrants here.]

They searched this place five times.

Sheriff distressed him. (Reversals are known to occur in the third person.)


But uh yah they served five search warrants.

Sheriff's smart. Felt sure I had him.


Then all this other stuff.

She doesn't want him. (Reversals are known to occur in the third person.)


I can have contact with two people.

You get knocked by the cops here.


[They absolutely take away all your income]…everything that you've got, you know.

Gimme a break.


I've got movie gallery, you know Sam's wholesale card they've got...

I'll get hair across my ass.


I can't move off this house unless it's just...[you know, to where I go.]

Search the cellar. So I have sinned.

(Cellar is metaphor - like a "cell" repression that has become a prison; trapped in our own thoughts, by our own emotions, but easier to get out of. Of course if there is a cellar in their house it would obviously be worth checking)


[I have never in my life seen the] …other side of what I did.

Now I screwed up.


I am sorry to say that I pinned a badge on my chest. (He has been suspended from the police force. Explosives found in his work locker.)

Beneath that I guess if you’re smart.


Our marriage and our relations were...

She's in shallow grave. (Indicating he killed her?)

Update: Theresa Parker's body was found along the river bank of the Chatooga river near the Alabama line. A source relayed to me that an officer on the scene said it appeared her body had been buried in a shallow grave. Recent floods had caused her remains to surface.


 ...talked about. I guess.

I am fucked


…and when she went to work…[oh, me and Sam had a fight, you know.]

There is no news in that.


[Reporter: That’s coming back to haunt you now.] (Talking about their relationship with co-workers)

Yes, very much so, and they jumped on it.

They want my DNA.

Update: A crime scene investigator with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations testified that two samples of blood were found on Theresa’s SUV bumper. One of the samples had Sam Parker’s DNA within it. The speech reversal proves to be accurate that the investigators wanted his DNA.


[Reporter: You guys are going through a divorce?]

Yes we had it all finalized

Well that's why I'm upset. (Upset about the divorce)


Yah. It was all a done deal

Was very hurt.


Paid for and everything I mean this...

She's near my heart forever.


[Like I said, I think I know where (she is)]…I'll just let it go at that.

There's no guilt in that. (Appears to be referencing the previous reversal)


[Reporter: After two months a lot of people are starting to worry that she may be dead]

I'm not even going to go there. I'm not even going to even think that. No.

I have got movie. There is no other movie on. ("movie" is metaphor, non attachment to event. Perhaps he sees her death in his mind and that’s all he sees, but he has detached himself from it)


There's certain things that are put up…

I loved her, then see nothing goes through. (He has made sure the divorce won’t go through?)


…that put her in certain places and certain times and all this stuff and everything like that and I'm not just going to go there.

I'm offering facts, the one is Matt (Mark) Grissim (Grisham). (Is this an accomplice?)


[I wish she had taken care of a few things] …she should have before she left.

I am sure for bad issues.



UCTV-3 Night Talk with Judy O'Neal 12-10-07


I was told I was a person of interest but uh... (Asked why he thinks he’s a person of interest.)

I've upset the new sheriff, but I've lost a lot.


I want to start by saying; I'm not going to say anything that is going to compromise their investigation.

Anything but yes or no, I'm not going to answer.


...and I'm going to dispel some rumors that you know you said that people had...

They help you with the scene. (Does he think the rumors are helping him?)


Like I said I'm not going to do anything to compromise their work. Because those men work hard, they work, very, very hard and...

I met girl. (gibberish) the girl (gibberish) was out in the park that afternoon. ( He could be thinking of a conversation he had with someone else. Also telling them he didn’t want to compromise the investigation.)


I had to go under a microscope...

Works with Albert Norton. Who is there. (Possibly referencing the girl in the previous reversal.)


You know it like I said to just dispel some rumors that uh people have and uh....

I'm in the fire.


I was married 13 years and we lived together prior to that 3 years so...

They believe we injuring his girl. (Reverse speech occurs in the third person.)


Yeah, that's a very stressful job.

Marital search, Sheriff's done it.


...and that's what I did. I moved back in with my dad...

I moved out. (gibberish) That upset her.


Yeah. We were in total agreement on everything...

I nearly lost it. Blew me away.


... and it come down to my, when my father died...

Died right off, almost. (His father.)


 ... or he was becoming very ill, and we know that death, you know going to happen.

I was upset, but they knew I'm going to wait. (Wait to sign the divorce papers.)


...which the battery was charging on the back porch and stuff like that... (His alibi for being at Theresa’s house.)

I've had to choke. Had me in the lawsuit. (The reason he was there, was to kill her. He apparently may have done this by choking her. I assume he is referencing the divorce as a lawsuit.)


I didn't check to see if she was sleeping in the bedroom...

Her space, freshened it up. (It would appear that he cleaned up her house after he likely killed her.)


The last time that I saw her, she was taking a load up to her apartment up there. (Asked when he last saw Theresa.)

Blood on head. Surely show us homicide on that. (Thinking of the last time he truly saw her.)

Update: Ben Chaffin testified Sam Parker told him he had shot Theresa in the head.


When she left out that evening

Reveal that dead person.


Yeah, the one that she had taken on a trip. (Asked about a travel bag that is supposed to be missing.)

At first no one would get this. Then I relate. (He may not have told a story of the missing bag at first.)


Not taking my own life no. Because I told the investigator at GBI, I told him, I said you know, he asked me if they still had to worry about that and I said no. (He had previously threatened to commit suicide. He is asked if he would consider suicide again.)

Some of us die. The reason we accept it. (While talking about the day of the suicide attempt there were no speech reversals. I would expect the subject of suicide to be highly emotional, and possibly a place where speech reversals might be found. Could the suicide attempt have been a ruse for being despondent, and therefore his mental instability would disqualify him from taking a polygraph test?)


...and watch them follow some leads that you know I knew that was probably bad information that they'd received.

Simply not wanting this deal.


...but uh they said he had lied during the investigation. (Talking about Ben Chaffin.)

Now that he is in the shit. Messed up.


Update: Sam Parker had said Ben Chaffin helped him break into Theresa’s email account, and Ben Chaffin testified that he helped Sam Parker break into Theresa Parker’s e-mail. He said he got a call from Parker in March of 2007 asking him to check Theresa's computer to see who she had been talking to. He went to the Parkers' trailer home and got into her email since she had not changed the password he set up. The following four reversals relate to the email account. Sam Parker’s reverse speech therefore has been proven to be accurate.

Ben knew how to set the computer up, and establish MSN account and all that stuff.

I really wanted to sign in, her name.


 ...but uh, Ben knew all the you know...

Wanting her log in name.


but uh he he uh.

I read her stuff.


We were both there, at the computer, at the house... (He and Ben Chaffin)

Her new smooch was there.

Update: Testimony in court indicated Sam Parker was jealous of Theresa, and had accused his wife of having affairs with several men who worked at the 911 center. The defense tried to imply that Theresa had several affairs with co-workers, but all the witnesses denied she was that kind of woman. This reversal appears to indicate he was convinced once again she was having an affair. Ben Chaffin said he got a call from Parker in March of 2007 asking him to check Theresa's computer to see who she had been talking to. The day Theresa disappeared Sam Parker called Ms. Brown who was Theresa’s friend and fellow co-worker. He was asking her for help in trying to reach a certain phone number that he had found.


...and I was present, and I showed them where I paid for it at Sam's Wholesale Club

They are powerful with shotgun. (“gun” is a metaphor in reverse speech: to persuade with great force.)


I could do more by answering questions there at the house. Than I could, you know physically getting out and tromping through the woods. (Asked why he didn’t participate in searches.)

Know they're still watching it quietly. 


No. I was told, and I reported it, but evidently, you know they just shrugged it off.

I negotiate the aligning. (He tried to tell his story so it would make sense.)


You still got a cloud hanging over you and it's not gone yet, you know, you still got a shadow cast on you and so... (He is presenting a reason why he may not be employable.)

I'm not saying that I should have lost you, honey. And I'm actually running out. ("Run" is a metaphor in reverse speech: to be using a behavior pattern. I'm not sure how it applies here. In this reversal, he appears to be thinking out loud about Theresa. It almost seems as though the forward and backward sentences go together.)


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