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Original Post Date: 11-4-13
The United States and other Western nations blame al-Assad's regime for an August 21 chemical weapons attack outside Damascus. Syria's President Bashar Al-Assad claims his government did not use chemical weapons, and in fact it was the rebels that used the weapons. The following is from his interview with Charlie Rose on September 9, 2013.
It would appear that Al-Assad is telling the truth. In the speech reversals he indicates he needs chemicals weapons. Al-Assad has expressed willingness to have his chemical stock piles destroyed, and as of this post that is underway. Time will tell if political pressures outweigh his desires to have the weapons. The reversals also clearly indicate how he views Al Qaeda.


Brackets [ ] indicate where the reversal occurs. Click on the reversal to hear the audio.


BASHAR AL-ASSAD: As long as the United States doesn't obey the international law and trample over the charter of the United Nations, we have to worry that any administration, not only this one, would do anything. But according to the lies that we've been hearing for the last two weeks from high-ranking officials in this administration, we have to expect-- the worst.

CHARLIE ROSE: Are you prepared?

BASHAR AL-ASSAD: We've been living in different circumstances for the last two years and a half. And we're prepared of-- ourselves for every possibility. But that doesn't mean if you're prepared, something [would be better. It's going to get worse] with any foolish strike or stupid war.

So they would not adapt the law.


CHARLIE ROSE: But you're not a signator to the chemical warfare


CHARLIE ROSE: agreement.



BASHAR AL-ASSAD: Because Israel has W.M.D. and it has to sign. And Israel occupying our land. [So that's why we talked about Middle East, not Syria, not Israel. It should be comprehe]nsive.

CHARLIE ROSE: Do you consider chemical warfare equivalent to nuclear warfare?

BASHAR AL-ASSAD: I don't know. We haven't tried either

CHARLIE ROSE: Yeah, but you know, you're a head of state and you understand the consequences of weapons that

BASHAR AL-ASSAD: You mean that

CHARLIE ROSE: don't discriminate

BASHAR AL-ASSAD: Technically, they're not

CHARLIE ROSE: That are beyond

ASHAR AL-ASSAD: Yeah, technically, they're not the same. But


BASHAR AL-ASSAD: Morally, they're the same.

I want the nuclear and I will start deliver but we upset both.


CHARLIE ROSE: You have amassed one of the largest supplies of the chemical weapons in the world.

BASHAR AL-ASSAD: [To have or not to have] is a possibility.

I hope I move out.


But to depends on what the media say is not is nonsense. Or to depend on some of the reports or the intelligence is nonsense. And that has proven when they invaded Iraq ten years ago [and they said Iraq has stock pile of] W.M.D. and it was proven after the invasion that was false. It was fraud.

For they are all psychotic. Listen.


CHARLIE ROSE: You accept that the world believes you do have chemical, a stockpile of chemical weapons.


CHARLIE ROSE: The world. The United States

BASHAR AL-ASSAD: We didn't discuss it.

CHARLIE ROSE: and other powers who also have chemical weapons.

BASHAR AL-ASSAD: It's not about what they believe in. It'[s about what the reality] that we have. And this reality, we own it, we don't have to discuss.

In the lair of the fox.


That reminds me about what Kerry said about the big lie that Colin Powell said in front of the world on satellites about the W.M.D. in Iran before going to war when he said, "This is our evidence." Actually, [uh he give uh false evidence]. In this case, Kerry didn't even present any evidence.

Sentiment, prophet figure.


CHARLIE ROSE: Has there been any remorse or sadness on behalf


CHARLIE ROSE: of the Syrian people for what happened?

BASHAR AL-ASSAD: I think sadness prevails in Syria now. We don't feel anything else but sadness because we have this killing every day, whether chemical or whether with the with [any kind, it's not about how] we we feel with it every day.

What evidence? You not gain it.


BASHAR AL-ASSAD: Your government delayed because we asked for delegation in March, 2012 when the first attack happened in Aleppo in the North of Syria. And they delayed it till be just few days before Ghouta when they send those team. And the team itself said in his letter, in his report, that he did everything as he wanted. There was not a single obstacle.

CHARLIE ROSE: But they have said they were delayed in getting there. They wanted to be there earlier.

BASHAR AL-ASSAD: No, no, no. They were [they had conflict, there was fight]ing. They were shooting. That's it. We didn't prevent them from going anywhere.

The episode. They fuck us.


BASHAR AL-ASSAD: First of all, they have rockets and they've been throwing rockets on Damascus for a month.

CHARLIE ROSE: That carry chemical weapons?



BASHAR AL-ASSAD: Rockets in general. They have the means, first. Second, [the sarid gad] that they've been talking about for the last two weeks is very primitive gas.

I need acid.


[The party who accused], he's the one who has to bring evidences. The United States accused Syria. And because they accused, you have to bring evidence.

So evil it happened.


[Let's presume that country], or army, have these weapons. These kind of armaments cannot be used by infantry, for example, or by anyone. These kind of armaments should be used by specialized units.

It's likely that we sit still.


So we expect if want to expect something from this administration, [it's not to be weak, to be strong to say] that we don't have evidence, that we have to obey the international law, that we have to go back to the security council and the United Nations.

As a lawsuit, you'd respond it.


BASHAR AL-ASSAD: I will tell him very simply, "Present what you have as evidence to the to the public. Be transparent when you p"

CHARLIE ROSE: And if he does?

BASHAR AL-ASSAD: If he does?

CHARLIE ROSE: If he presents that evidence?

BASHAR AL-ASSAD: This is where you can discuss the evidence, 'cause he doesn't have. He didn't present it because he doesn't have, Kerry doesn't have. [No one in your administration have]. If they had it, they would have presented it to you as media from the first day

Our ships are rowing alone.


[Rebels, or the terrorist], used the chemical weapons in northern of Aleppo five month ago.

Syria did not slaughter.


You know, what if they have stockpiles and they exploded because of the bombardment? What if they used the missile by coincidence and attack themself by con [by by mistake]?

It's murder.


When you talk about the Al Qaeda, it doesn't matter if you're Syrian or American or from Europe or from Asia or Africa. Al Qaeda have one ideology and they go back to [the same leadership] in Afghanistan, or in Syria, or in Iraq.

Issued the missile.


We have agreements with many countries including Iran, including Russia, including other countries that it's about different things including armament. [It's cooperation like any] like like any cooperation between the any two countries.

He became pure proxy.


[Which is uh normal. It's not related to the crisis.]

The fact what became a proxy alone is issue.


And you said and the [the official the Russian official said, "We have] not agreements, contracts that we have to forfeit."

Value, This is for show.


The army made of the people. [It cannot be made of] robots. It's made of people.

For them, he bomb it.


We live here. We know what's happening. And they have to listen to people who live here. They cannot listen to their only to their media or to their research centers. They don't live here. No one live here but us. So this is the reality. [If they if they want to believe, that's good]. That will help them understanding the region and being more successful in their policies.

Looks that way, but no one will have it.


What do you call the people who attacked the two towers in the 11th of September, opposition? Even though they are not American, I know this. But some of them, they have, I think, national nationality. I think one of them has American nationality. Do you call him opposition or terrorist? [Why should you use a term in the United States] and England, and maybe other countries, and use another term in Syria? This is a double standard that we don't accept.

States having me murdered, so we need help.


The area where the terrorists control, where they ban people from going to schools, ban young men from shaving their beards and women have to wear to be covered from top to toes, from head to toes. And let's say in brief they live the Taliban style in Afghanistan, completely the same style. With the time, yes, it can be worried. Because the [secular states should reflect] secular society.

It furthers their circus.


And this [secular society, with the time], if you don't get rid of those terrorists, and these ex-citizen and the Wahhabism style, of course it will influence at least the new and the coming generations.

What if, we are to do without the circus?


So and [we we don't say that we don't have it]. We're still secular in Syria. But with the time, this secularism will be eroding.

They're backwater, but they slaughter you.

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Bashar Al-Aassad on Syria