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We are made to know
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Original Post Date: 1-22-12
Alynn Pike is the wife of Rev. Ted Pike who is director of the National Prayer Network. From his website: "...a Christian/conservative watchdog organization..." "...He has appeared on more than 550 radio and TV talk shows since August 2004, educating the public concerning the danger to free speech posed by "anti-hate" laws..."
Rev. Ted Pike alleges over the the years he and Alynn were attacked by demons. And claims that his wife was ultimately possessed by demons. Alynn Pike committed suicide on December 11, 2011. Her body has not been recovered. Rev. Ted Pike now says she is a martyr for God and freedom. From the article he wrote "Did Alynn commit suicide? Absolutely not. She was insane and entirely under demonic control. Satan murdered her, throwing her off the bridge. She now wears a martyr’s crown in heaven."
She left a suicide note, but police have yet to to release it.
A review of his website makes it apparent that in order to promote his anti-Semitic ideology, Rev. Ted Pike often works under the guise of opposing federal hate crimes legislation, and upholding free speech and Christian values. This becomes apparent in his ant-gay views as well. He is using his wife's suicide as proof that because, as he puts it, "I “cursed” God’s chosen people by criticizing Judaism and modern Israel God cursed me and my wife, allowing evil spirits to infest our home and lives." He claims that when he was around he could dispel the demons attacking her, but they would come back to attack her if he went to sleep or left home. This sounds to me to be more like emotional abuse where he makes her believe he is the only one that can help her.
Ground Zero host Clyde Lewis interviewed Ted Pike on January 9, 2012. Read Clyde Lewis's commentary: UNHOLY ALLIANCE: The Demonic Attack of Alynn Pike. Clyde seems to believe Ted Pike's stories.I downloaded the interview with the intent of analyzing Ted Pike for reverse speech. Knowing the accuracy of reverse speech I felt confident that any speech reversals found on Ted Pike would either indicate the demons he talks about are real, or they would prove he is full of it. During the interview Clyde Lewis played a recording of Alynn Pike. This message was left for Ted Pike approximately 24 hours before she committed suicide. He said she was insane, psychotic, bi-polar, ADD, but after reviewing the speech reversals of Alynn it appears to me there may be something sinister that did occur, and it had nothing to do with Satan unless Satan is Ted Pike himself.
The interview with Clyde Lewis was about 2 hours long. Ted Parker claims he has been attacked by demons too. Funny thing is none of them showed up during the whole time he was on air. He has nothing to document the alleged demonic attacks he, and especially his wife, have encountered over the years except for his own alleged accounts. Based upon the speech reversals of Alynn Pike, the only demon I can see Alynn Pike had to confront may have been by her husband’s religious abuse. Which in this case would be a form of emotional abuse.


The reversals from Ted Pike reveal that he made up the demons! They also reveal him to be an anti-Semite.


Brackets [ ] indicate where the reversal occurs. Click on the mp3 to hear the reversal.



Alynn Pike's final recorded message: click here to hear the approx.1 minute full recording.


I just wanted you to know how much I love you and that you are the very best husband in the whole world. And, I just, I just wanted to say that right [now and to let you know that I'm at] the park.

I'd rather vanish, than lie.

(The question is what is "the lie"? Is it he is not the best husband in the world and she does not love him? Or is it something else? She seems she is tired of living the lie, and she would rather "vanish" than have it continue. Could "vanish" be an indicator of her being suicidal?)


The people of the group told me that I needed a vacation. How? I came here and um, [I'm sitting in sunshine].

You shoot me liquid.

(Hallucinogens, have been used for religious purposes since prehistoric times. If you read his article one would think she was having halucinations. Could it be he slipped her a hallucinogenic drug, and then told her she was being possessed by demons. He said she was insane, psychotic, bi-polar, ADD. Could her mental state have been brought on by something he was doing to her?)


I love you so much, and thank you for all the truth [that you've taught me and]

I been off treated.

(Off: Used here may mean - below a normal or satisfactory level. It appears this reversal indicates he was abusive towards her.)

I've been grateful for, [for it for so much and] I'm grateful.

Wish I was ill.

(This reversal appears to add to the information given in the previous reversal. Since she is addressing Ted Pike it would stand to reason he is the one that was wishing her to be ill. The illness he was wishing upon her is, as he has stated among other things, she was possessed by demons.)



Here is her overall message: I'd rather vanish, than lie. You shoot me liquid. I been off treated. Wish I was ill.



Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis 1-9-12


I experienced the most incredible demonic attacks upon my sleep. Frightening nightmares, and racing dreaming and chaotic dreaming all night long. Waking up about a dozen times, I had never experienced such mental assault. And as a result of that I couldn't write a word, of this, what I saw as a momentous book attempting not only to oppose ADL and their liberal agenda, but also to wake up the evangelical Christians that they really don't have a [solemn biblical duty to] stand by Israel, right or wrong, and uphold the injustices of Israel towards the Palestinians.

Was not able to blame the loss.

(Was he not able to blame “demons” for his inability to start writing his book?)


She walked ten miles a day back and forth to work. She jogged she played the piano she worked full time. But immediately SHE became exhausted. [And for the next ten years] she also suffered comparable exhaustion to me. But around 2000 God, both at the same time, gave us strength to begin to take on ADL, take on their hate crimes agenda worldwide.

Three nights, end of it.

(He wants people to believe that his wife was under demonic attack causing her to become weakened for 10 years, but the reality is her “condition” lasted only three nights. Perhaps it was the flu that caused her to feel exhausted.)


I've written an article on truth, our website, eleven page article details all of this. But I'll just give you an overview. Of course I know there will be peo[ple out there who say well] Alynn had just had brain surgery a year, or so earlier and these were probably hallucinations. 

I wage a great battle.

(He will argue with anyone who suggests that she was having hallucinations caused by her brain injury.)


{Clyde Lewis: She actually gave you the names of the demons, or the demons spoke to you in names, they gave names. What were some of the names that they were giving?}

Uh well there was, the main, the main demon that uh [stayed there the longest was Pipcaw]. And uh Pipcaw was he, described himself as her personal demon. He was very uh, very jealous that we uh pronounced his name correctly.

I fix it to know what I did.

(This reversal would seem to make it clear that demons do not exist, and these in particular were made up by him. He has alleged that there were a total of six demons tormenting he, and his wife. Five would come and go. Notice she had a personal demon, but not his self. He named them to keep the list of who’s who of the demons straight. Surely an attempt to avoid the trappings of the saying - Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!)


(Claiming the demons inside his wife would say Baal Shem Tov to him as many as 12 times a day through her.)

Baal Shem Tov was the renowned kabalistic, Hasidic, or ultra orthodox rabbi of Poland in the mid 17th century. Who was a conjurer, a magical, wonder worker, and really one of the major pillars in the foundation of [the world revolutionary move]ment as kabala was used as a pretext to begin the erosion of Christian civilization.

Womb bearing shrivel my whirlwind.

(This reversal is a metaphor, but I’m uncertain as to its meaning. My best guess at this time is it may be the state of his creative process had no direction. And his personal life force, or energy, was insufficient making him feel helpless. If this is accurate, did he feel helpless to truly help his wife, or was he projecting his state of weakness onto her? A comment on the forward dialogue: If there were demons making his wife do things to torment him, why would they choose to use the name of a 17th century rabbi? The previous reversal indicates he made up the demons. It stands to reason he made the Baal Shem Tov stories up too. The reason he would use a Jew in a story? It is because he believes they are evil. This is revealed in a reversal found from one of his bible classes below.)


Another way they tried to get her (the demons). She was very artistic. One time on the blank wall of our bathroom, they (the demons within her) made a tapestry, intricate tapestry of leaves, [uh just down to the literally to the] tendrils in the veins of the leaves. And she spent a couple of hours in there with a felt pen marker tracing out that whole wall. And you can tell from the tapestry that she made that what she saw was very literal.

Had the dildo with my sister.

(Metaphor. Unknown meaning.)


{Clyde Lewis: There was also a report that she left a note. Did she leave a note to you guys?}

Yes she ha[s uh left a note, but we haven't] seen that yet.

{Clyde Lewis: So the police have it?}

The police have it. They're still hoping to find her body, and wind up the case. And so they have told us that it's nothing that would be of comfort to us.

No value will go into tell us.

(Congruent in what he was told by police in regards to the suicide note.)


And they were automatically writing, through her hand, lengthy [suicide notes and things like that]. She was out of her mind.

I ultimately scorned the assholes.

(There are many metaphors in reverse speech that reference energy. If demons exist, they would be energy based. The “assholes” would not appear to be demons, but rather a person, or persons, may have been confronting him that demons was not to blame for his wife’s actions.)


Ted Pike – Bible Study 1-12-12

God can and will give strong convictions to his saints of his will, and he, [God may not] let everybody else in on what he has revealed to another person. But we are to respect those people, those saints. Especially people with an unblemished track record like Alynn, and I believe myself, in the national advocacy and testimony of the nations we have lived, as Paul says here, without reproach.

I am God.

(It would appear he has a God complex. If you notice in the forward speech he is comparing he and his wife to being saints, and therefore he cannot be questioned as to proving the demonic activity he alleges is real or not. Nor should anyone question his position about the Jews, gays, the ADL etc.You must take him at his word.)


I was wanting to do God's perfect will. I was wanting to speak the whole truth about an extremely vital issue. And of course John (his brother) in his succeeding years, and decades, has realized with perfect clarity, perfect agreement, that the lord led me to begin to write my book and research my book Israel: Our Duty Our Dilemma but…

(Audience member: Of course he'll have no recollection of that statement.)

Yeah well anyway, Agabus comes and he lays down the law of the Lord from the Holy Spirit. He says in verse twelve - And when we heard these things [both we, and they of that] place, everybody Joined Agabus' point of view. We all besot him (Paul the Apostle) not to go up to Jerusalem.

I believe in the evil.

(A critical review of his book states that it exposes him as a virulent anti-Semite, where he alleges the existence of a Jewish conspiracy for world domination. Clearly this reversal reveals he is an anti-Semite.)


I think what has happened is American, western Christianity, has merged in with the American dream. And so what you have is you have a Christianity [which thinks it's authentic]. But it is actually half worldly, half spiritual and half worldly.

It involves the Scripture.

(Does he believe the Scriptures are not worthy of acceptance as being authoritative?)

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Alynn & Ted Pike
Alynn Pike - Victim of Demons or Religious/Emotional Abuse?