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Al Bielek, who was part of the Philadelphia Experiment’s aka Project Rainbow scientific team, brings the story of the Philadelphia Experiment to life.


The Story of the Philadelphia Experiment has been shrouded in mystery since it occurred on August 12, 1943.


Nikola Tesla was originally in charge of the project. Tesla had misgivings about the safety of the experiment to personnel onboard, and sabotaged the original test on an outfitted ship. Dr. Jon Von Neumann was brought in to take over. He made some of his own modifications, but the basic approach was left the same as Tesla’s. This approach involved transmitters using rotating magnetic fields outside of rotating electric fields, both counterclockwise, which fed a special antenna. Dr. Jon Von Neumann wanted a ship outfitted with the generators, and the special equipment required, prior to a ships completion. The Destroyer Escort ship known as DE173, later to be christened the U.S.S. Eldridge, was the ship that was chosen. The first test on the U.S.S. Eldridge, according to Al Bielek, was conducted on July 22, 1943. During the test, he and his brother Duncan were below deck operating the equipment; the ship was successfully made invisible to radar. But those on the deck were found to be very disorientated, nauseous, and a general state of mental confusion. Dr. Von Neumann was concerned about this effect, but wasn’t given enough time to find a solution to correct the problem prior to the test that was ordered on August 12, 1943.


The test began as planned, making the ship invisible to radar. As the experiment was underway the ship could be seen through a haze, but was invisible to radar. With a flash of blue light the ship vanished. The ship completely disappeared for 4 hours. When the ship returned, there was visible minor damage to it. More shockingly was the condition of the crew on deck. There were crew members missing. Five were buried to varying degrees within the steel of the ship. One of which was a younger brother of Al Bielek’s. Others had gone insane. Those below deck were shielded from the harmful effects by the ship's steel.


During the ordeal Al Bielek and his brother Duncan experienced strange phenomena with the equipment below deck. They were also unable to communicate with the observer ships, and shut the equipment off. They went above deck to find sailors milling about, but not fused within the ship at this time. In hopes of attracting attention to the observer ships that something was wrong, Al Bielek and Duncan jumped overboard. Instead of landing in the water, they found themselves on land in 1983 at Montauk Air Force Station. They were met by Dr. Von Neumann who told them that they would return them to the ship. Upon their return to the ship they were instructed to smash the equipment to stop the experiment which would, and consequently did, return the Eldridge to the harbor.





Al Bielek goes into great detail in his story. If the devil is in the details, each time a speech reversal occurs Al Bielek appears to be 100% congruent.


As incredible as Al Bielek’s story may seem it would appear that reverse speech analysis has revealed the truth at last. The shocking truth of a long standing U.S. Government cover up of a warship being made invisible, including the unexpected event of time travel, which is known as the Philadelphia Experiment, did indeed occur.



Brackets [ ] indicate where the reversal occurs. Click on the reversal to hear the recording.



Coast to Coast with Art Bell June 20, 1993


The history for the Philadelphia Experiment involving not only the U.S.S. Eldridge, but some earlier ships in experimentation goes back a long ways. Actually goes back to 1931, when the first experimental considerations of the possibility of making an object invisible were engaged by Dr. [Nikola Tesla], Dr. John Hutchinson out of the University of Chicago, and a staff physicist by the name of Dr. Emil Kurtain (sp), now all of whom were at that time at the University of Chicago.

I was asked to work on it.


(After 3 years, the previously mentioned three people were involved in the feasibility study of invisibility they were then moved to the Institute of Advanced study at Princeton University. It was then considered the premier think tank of the world.)

...because the initial staffing which started in 1933 involved people like Dr. John Von Neumann, Albert Einstein, a Dr. Alexander, and a Dr. Oswald. They were the four original staff members. And many other people came on board [at uh various times after that]. Tesla worked with them at the Institute, but he was never a staff member. He was one of the people who came and went, if you will.

Now the phase master was there.

(Nikola Tesla developed the polyphase alternating current system of generators, motors and transformers. Notice immediately following the reversal he begins to talk about Tesla.)


...and that friendship goes back to WWI in 1917 when Roosevelt, then Under Secretary of the Navy, invited Tesla to do some war work for the Government. Which Tesla readily agreed to do. Tesla was, among other things, a patriot. He didn't, [didn't believe in this country very strongly], and he did a great deal of work for the Government.

He'll voucher with Marx on the veil of good.

(It would seem Al Bielek knew him well enough to know his social views. Did Tesla have Marxist beliefs?)


They setup offices in the Philadelphia Navy yard. Of course they had a lot of space there. And the classified aspects of this project there were continued at the Philadelphia Navy yard, and of course the project was also still continued at the Institute in Princeton, on the Princeton grounds. Now the Institute was not part of the University. It was on University property, but it was a totally separate entity. Under separate control, separate financing, and the [whole nine yards. It was a separate en]tity.

None of this, was very normal.


Now he (Tesla) left RCA. He then had more time to spend on this project (death ray system), and his own laboratory work, because he was still very active, and in 1940 the suc[cessful test, and then he went on to pre]pare the battleship...

The first model went on the successful test.


...for [a test at a later date].

He'd been able to test it.


Now in 1941 the Navy tapped Duncan (his brother) and myself on the shoulder, and said it's time you found out what the Navy's about, [and sent us to sea for a year. It wasn't exa]ctly a year.

There's control, where you faced your lesson.


Preparations were well under way, and nearly complete for the battleship test. And Tesla was having considerable misgivings about it at that time. He knew because of the extremely high power required, electromagnetic power, that there could be damaged or dead sailors. Because the equipment was going to be on the deck, and the rotating fields were very powerful. And any [personnel on deck] would be exposed to them, and he expected there would be serious problems.

Had no answer.


He (Tesla) had the choice of going ahead, and hoping for the best. Or as he did choose, sabotage the test, de-tuned the equipment, so nothing happened and nobody was hurt. And of course he at that point…

(Art Bell: That was the first test Al on the big ship?)

That was the first test of a big ship.

(Art Bell: And he de-tuned the equipment, actually took it off frequency so that it wouldn't happen?)

That's correct. He deliberate[ly sabotaged the test].

Sabotaged the vessel.


(Art Bell: Alright, let's talk second experiment.)

Ok. To continue where I left off. They [decided they wanted do], do some pressure testing with the hull to find out what exactly was going on. Had a second crew placed onboard which was to operate that equipment only, and they assigned a submarine to go under the ship and find out what was going on with the waterline or whatever.

Was done with voracity.


So all of this was setup for the final test on the 12th of August. And we had the crew onboard, ready to go, and the last minute something happened. They pulled the crew, the special crew, put them on a sub, removed the sub. And told us, the regular crew for the test, to go ahead with the test. Well at that point needless to say Duncan and I were very concerned. What's going on here? We had that funny gut feeling that something was terribly wrong, but we didn't know what. [So at the appropriate] time we were given the radio command to proceed.

They fuck with us.


And at this point there were three observer ships. There was a Carrier. There was a Coast Guard Cutter, and there was a commercial ship known as the S.S. Furuseth, a Merchant Marine ship. The Merchant Marine of course was very interested in this system. If it worked they wanted immediate[ly outfit some of their ship]s when crossing the Atlantic.

They share the master file.


So we had three observer ships. We turned the equipment on, and for about the first 70 or so seconds everything appeared to be functioning according to plan. I.e. radar invisibility, but you could still see the ship through a haze. The ship was still visible, [but not] in normal sense of visibility it was shrouded if you will.

Non scope.


And all of a sudden there was a blue flash, and the ship disappeared, waterline and all. And there was no ship in the harb[or.It was gone. And I don't mean visibly gone], it was physically gone.

Main board on. Knobs all there.


And it was gone for about four hours. And then at fours ap[proximately]...

Hail in shock.


...[the ship suddenly reappeared in the harbor].

A rendezvous in the spatial.


Needless to say Von Neumann, [and everybody was panicked] when this happened. And there was no way to raise anyone on the radio. There was absolutely no radio connection.

An act that we'd all remember.


Ship reappeared and they immediately observed from the observing carrier, the principal observer ship, that there was something wrong. Part of the antenna mast, [special one, was gone].

Marks on all the ship.


When they boarded the ship they found out much more about what happened. They found two men buried in the steel deck. Two men were buried upright in the steel bulkhead. A fifth man had his hand buried in the steel bulkhead. He lived. He was only one of the five that lived, and they cut his hand off and gave him an artificial hand later. Absolute pandemonium when they found this. [And those who were still on deck] were insane, and totally out of it. And I do mean insane. And those below deck were perfectly alright, because they were shielded by the steel.

Had knowledge. I was the one there.


At any case a special crew was put onboard. The ship was brought back to dockside of the Philadelphia Navy Yard. And they had four days of inquiry and hearing what happened. So I made my report. I was there Duncan {his brother} was not. He was, you know one of those that were missing. And nobody believed my report. Von Neumann didn't believe it. [But any case he told me "I'll] talk with you later".

I am badly shaken up.


(Recalling what was going on around himself and his brother Duncan down below deck during the test.)

Conditions continued to get worse in the control room. So we decided, let's get out of here. Opened the bulkhead door, ran out on deck. Saw sailors milling around very severely. No one was buried in the deck at that time. And we got the bright idea, well let's jump overboard and swim ashore. [We were both good swimmers]. So we did jump overboard.

Should announce the problem.


Now I must state that at that point we could see nothing beyond the railing of the ship. There was just a gray fog, if you will. A gray something. We didn't know what it was, but we couldn't see anything beyond the ship. [The ship was still quite visible of itself] though there was a haze running around on the ship.

First of all I was in dark woods of the ship.

(Dark woods: Used here may mean he was in a hard to understand dangerous situation.)


(Art Bell: Al here you are, you jumped off the ship, you're on dry land, greeted by a helicopter with a spotlight, and you're on a military base {Montauk Air Force Station}, and you're in 1983.)

That's correct. [We didn't believe it at first, but uh] after watching everything seeing the evidence...

Had observed that we're on video.

(Did they see video of themselves from 1943?)


We actually went up during the daylight hours up above ground on the [base, they did not let us off the base], but we did have a look around.

Shared the falsehood. I wanted to see it.

(In the forward speech he is talking about the evidence he had been given to convince him he were in the future. The meaning of this reversal could be, even though they had seen themselves on video, he still felt there was a group collusion of deceit amongst those on the base towards he and his brother, and by going outside this would be his objective information that would help convince him otherwise.)

(Caller: I don't know how you're going to be able to prove to anybody you're telling the truth.)

I can indirectly answer his question. [Proof today of this very diff]icult. The proof was almost in my hands several times, but let's say the Government moved faster, and got there first.

The Governor said they had his proof.


(Caller: If he is anywhere near familiar with quantum mechanics, he will understand that any one event can set out the chain reaction of many other events in an ever expanding cone down a timeline.)

Quantum physics does make certain statements, and then when the Navy engaged in certain experiments in 1973, Buchman(sp) and I was given in the way of information. They wanted to go back in time and assassinate the man who was the father of the person they knew would be the new leader of the New World Order. They assumed by [assassinating the father] before he married that the son, alive today, would disappear.

But often we didn't assassin.


That went back into the past, assassinated the man, and the son didn't disappear. Nothing happened to him. [So they scratched their heads and they went to] the physicist and they said "Ah ha, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, and time is quantized as well as the physical universe. Therefore you only affect the events within the area where you were. You do not affect the entire time stream into the future".

If no one's there, it shocks us.


(Al Beilek had been answering a callers question as to Al Bielek's claim that Dr. Von Neumann's death had been faked by the Government, and how he had been kept alive to meet with Al Bielek in 1983.)

There are other people who had done this to also. I don't know if you're familiar with the story of a Dr. Friedrich Kurpers(sp) who was brought over to the United States as Project Paperclip in 1946-47. [He also had a] fake funeral in 1962 on Lincoln's birthday.

Hear that whole story.


(Al Bielek responding to a caller's question in regards to the "Death Ray", designed by Tesla, experiments in 1938-39 in White Sands, NM)

They aimed it at a truck or a tank that turned green and disappeared. Then the last test they apparently aimed at a, they had tried animals too, but they aimed it at a mountaintop. From what I'm told the mountaintop disappeared, and that was a little too much for the military people in charge of the test. The story is, that they ordered the equipment de[stroyed, and the notes buried].

They absconded the notes.


(Caller: How involved are the Russian's with time and space testing?)

In terms of the Philadelphia Experiment I don't know as they ever involved themselves in it. In terms of the Montauk Project, and that type of work, yes they had their own parallel project. And when both ended in '83, I know the U.S. one ended in '83 on 12 August, I do not know whether the Russian one ended on that date. [But I do know through sources that there was a] scientific exchange of information...

It's all about the source who find it out.


 [as to what they found, and what they accompli]shed because the approaches were not identical.

The market denies the poster.


(Caller: Is there any practical method of time travel for ordinary people, or is it only some huge Government project that can do it?)

Well in terms of the hardware, I don't think any ordinary people would be able to build it. In terms of the usage anyone can use the equipment. It's not restrictive in terms of a certain type of person. But the Government has a total mono[poly on it other than a few corporations who have been working with] the Government, and is definitely not generally available.

Though the Government doesn't share a reason for the denial.


(Caller: Do you have any scientific proof about any of this?)

[I have, but the problem is the proof that I have] of this is not publishable because the people who can corroborate these stories do not wish to be known publicly.

I have the proof in it. Stand alone in the fire.



The History Channel


[First things they found was, two sailors buried in the] steel deck. The bodies were literally buried in the steel. Dying or near dead.

In the limbs of the ship, shall mark an issue.


Two more were found standing upright in a bulkhead, also buried in the steel. Fifth man with his hand buried in the s[teel up to his wrist].

(Narrator: Other sailors are simply missing. Vaporized into thin air.)

Sailors were ripped away.


(Narrator: For survivors, there are still other problems. Due to the powerful electromagnetic fields they were exposed to.)

The problem basically was that the human nervous system could not take exposure to that level of magnetic and electric fields, [and would cause] neural damage.

Saw proof in that.


(Narrator: Nerve damage that is so severe that some of the victims are reportedly institutionalized, while falsely classified as missing in action.)

[Their family was never told the truth]...

Faced the loss, no mentioning my friends.


 ...They were told basically that they were lost at sea during the war as part of the war effort. [Which of course is a very] plausible answer.

It would solve this issue.



Al Bielek – Promotional Introduction for His DVD of the Philadelphia & Montauk Experiments  


In order to correlate [your own memories, you have to have other peop]le who are involved at that time who have memories or information, hard information in some cases, to what occurred at that time.

People will not share memory.


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