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Drew Peterson





Stacy Peterson






Stacy Peterson from Bolingbrook IL went missing on October 28, 2007. Her husband Drew Peterson was a sergeant at the time with the Bolingbrook police department and had called in sick that day. Drew Peterson claims she called him around 9:00 pm on the evening of her disappearance, to inform him that she was leaving him for another man. Relatives had last heard from her earlier that morning. There have been several searches for her in the woods and waterways near their home. Stacy had been planning a divorce days before she went missing. Drew Peterson has not been involved with any searches. He claims the media attention he would have received would have hampered the searches, and secondly he can't see searching for someone if he doesn't think they're dead, because he believes she's where she wants to be.


Drew Peterson's previous wife's death, Kathleen Savio, was initially ruled an accident. Second and third autopsies conclude she was murdered.




I have reviewed a multitude of news clips and news programs where Drew Peterson has appeared. He claims Stacy called the evening she disappeared, but in a reversal he indicates that he hid her cell phone. I have uncovered, through his speech reversals, that he has murdered Stacy. He also seems to have used his airplane to dispose of her body in water. Later reversals indicate a more specific body of water being a lake. Review of police interviews with Drew Peterson could reveal more.


Click on the reversals to hear the mp3 file.


Today Show 11-14-07


…think this is weighing a little harder, harder on them than the two young ones.

I murder her. (Appears to be a smoking gun!)


I don't have an explanation for that.

I left her sandals. Not anybody know that. (He seems satisfied about some sandals he left somewhere not being found.)


 ...and two, why would I look for somebody, who I don't believe is missing, she is just gone. She's where she wants to be.

Here I must surf the ladder out. (This is a metaphor. He wants to pull himself out of the situation of defending why he hasn’t helped search for his wife.)


I think because of the media coverage and the magnitude of this case I believe somebody's has to do something. (Asked if he expects to be charged with Stacy’s disappearance.)

I feel that's the exist, that it's the game and it’s nerve racking and he must like it. (Does this mean in the end he expects to be charged, but in the mean time he is going to play it out as far as he can?)


So, and if they don't do anything there'll be, they will be scrutinized for that.

I understand looks evil but you must understand I was not just sittin' there.


Please get away from my house and leave my family alone. (Asked why he wanted to do this interview.)

I like my family less so I am filled with disease. (Claims to want the media to leave him and his family alone, but he loves the attention despite being at the expense of his children.)


...or if it turns up the heat then I made a mistake coming here.

Frankly might get somebody mad at me.



Today Show 11-19-07


Basically I'd like to have her publicly show herself so we can clear all this up.

You must fly. Throw her shit over. (When I first found this, I discounted it as not meaning anything. Later I found out he has an airplane. Does this mean he used his plane to dispose of her body?)



Credit Source Unknown


Nobody helped me with anything in such a manner. (Asked about allegations of being helped move a blue barrel from his house.)

Stacey had to win. (Notice past tense. If there’s no connection, why is he thinking something about Stacy?)



MSNBC – Dan Abrams 12-3-07


Folks this is the holiday season. I know at least five families that are losing their homes.

My fancy boner. (Peterson has just walked outside in the video. He appears to be very happy to be out speaking with the media.)


We probably should put maybe a little bit of effort into saving these people and their families.

A friend of babes, remember this just never fight. I had to put a lady into the fishy bottomy. (He disposed of her body in water.)



NBC Dateline 12-21-07


What do I see? (Asked what he sees in his future.)

He is Shallow. (Third person reference.)


Well all they see is the picture that's being painted by the press, and their getting all this false information.

The shame of myself is a lot bigger than that.


Watch this. I'm not the typical person I am, I'm normally a lot more humorous like that. (Video shows him doing a tap dance for the media.)

Oh we all know my answer will be quick to defend that.


I thought, I was under the impression she was going to be spending time with her grandfather, but that didn't happen.

A nightmare, going to lighten it up. See resolution suffering. (This story doesn’t seem to be going away as easily as he thought.)



Credit Source Unknown


If it ever goes to trial, I'm known every where in the world as a bad man right now.

I can remain very visible whenever we've been on my wife.


So it's like there's nothing I can do to change that, thanks to the media. Thank you.

Always when the funds written against the loss. (This metaphor may mean that he has an emotional exchange that is justified where being in the press is more important to him than the loss of Stacy.)



Fox News – Shepard Smith 1-25-08


No. Hi Shepard how you doing. It looks like it's not going to happen the radio station chickened out.

Even if I had a gun the girls go fast. They know it.


I lost my feed here. Ah, there we go.

Forget the heat don't tell them. (did something happened behind the scenes of the radio stunt he doesn’t want known?)


I personally grieve over it. (Asked how he is so upbeat even though his wife has been missing for three months.)

They've all heard my answer.


Every day it's a new day you know, you wake, it's like kind of antiquated to like...

The fact we are on the air doing this thing. (Is being in the media his grief therapy?)


...having cancer or being told you got cancer. You go to bed with it on your mind, you wake up with you're mind...

Remembering the fact that we now remember doing that. Whatever you're a snake. Yah you lost me you're a snake. (He has gotten upset that he is being reminded about Stacy, instead of talking about the “Win a Date with Drew” radio stunt.)


Again, again Shepard that's not what we agreed to talk about. (Asked about the blue barrel missing from his home.)

He wants a confession.



Today Show 2-27-08


How can I respond? (Asked how he responds to Kathleen Savio, his previous wife, telling her sister that Kathleen feared Drew. She thought she would die and he would make it look like an accident.)

Knocks you right back


Anything is possible so I don't even know and I really don't even know how to respond to that. (Asked if he thinks the coroner’s report has been released to bait him into saying something.)

I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with that when they know you're at the house. (Why would he be concerned with how he is going to deal with being in Kathleen Savio's house?)


Oh, I never pronounced her dead. (Previous wife Kathleen Savio.)

That is slander for the law. (Congruent in saying he didn't pronounce her dead.)


I'd have to evaluate the whole thing and I really can't even respond to that. (He is asked the option of being presented with the circumstances of his third and fourth wife as a cop, would he think it is coincidence or he his guilty of at least one murder.)

I left an option in the lake. You've gotten in this whole hot area I will say that. (The option for him is murder, and that option has been put in a lake. He now has revealed a more specific type of body of water where Stacy is.)


I controlled my family I think that more people in America should control their family.

Only if the laws think this is criminal. Reform defiant wife. (This reveals how he really feels about women. He has indicated previously what he is willing to do to “reform” them - murder.)


That's all the information that I had and that's all I can believe. (Asked if he still believes Stacy ran off with another man.)

I am in the shame of we lost it. (As in lost his temper?)


Might very well be possible, yah. (Asked if he has considered she might be a victim of foul play.)

I know exactly, will work them.


There's really nothing to say to them. Basically they're going to have to make their decision based on evidence presented or not presented. (What would he say to the court of public opinion?)

You will not see him resist. (Resist arrest?)



Fox News – On The Wire With Greta Van Susteren Feb-Mar 2008


The only thing it will be ruined probably by case numbers scratched on it or written on it. (Referencing the bed covers from their bed.)

I definitely thought they were in our sex, we won't seek. If you act normal we will get through it.


Paper plates are a big help. (In the video he can be seen taking paper plates from a kitchen drawer.)

I hid her cell phone here.


Basically do our thing. (Describing how his day is spent with their children.)

Never a witness. (No witnesses to her murder?)


...other function they got to do. You know everybody... (He is talking about the afternoon schedules of his two older kids.)

You'll be the one who dies on the shop floor. (Is he thinking about Stacy here? Does he have a "shop" in the house or someplace else? If so, is that where he killed her? Or at some point was her body lying on a "shop" floor?)



CNN - Larry King 4-11-08


Never. I can't even explain it. I can't even fathom any type of reason why that was said. (Asked if he threatened to kill Stacy.)

We were threatening on the life.


Well I'm supposedly the suspect in all this. I'm the focus of their hate and their anger. (Asked what would cause people to be a Drew fan or a Stacy fan.)

They hear the sick wolf. ("Wolf" is a metaphor, in Reverse Speech generally it refers to motivation. People hear his motivations are removed from normality. The reason for not being his "fan".)



Fox News - On The Record With Greta Van Susteren 4-17-08


(Questions to Drew Peterson were limited to his third wife Kathleen Savio) 


I'm concerned about it, but I have Mr. Brodsky looking out for me so I'm not really that worried. (Asked about his reaction to the reopening of Kathleen Savio's estate.)

Will reveal impossible find a police officer there. (He is either innocent of her murder or is confident that it won't be linked to him.)


Well any time your opened up to any type of civil or criminal litigation...

Initially get along with all of us with that news, on the quarry we messed it up. (The initial autopsy was agreed by a coroner's jury to be an accident. He is now concerned clues have been left of her death being a murder.) ("quarry": as in prey?)


 ...causes you know, [anybody type] any type of concern while it's pending so...

Make wolf back in it, that will be nice. (He would like to have control over the situation. Perhaps he had control during the initial investigation.)


Kathleen didn't trust any if her family to do it.

For me that's offering new facts,


He was somebody that was close to both of us, and we figured he was the most honorable and respected person that we knew. I am a sweetheart. (Combined the last two reversals are "For me that's offering new facts, so I am a sweetheart". Taking a shot at Kathleen's family.) 


Greta: Ok. So not at that time, did something change that you became suspiscious that it wasn't an accidental drowning.

So what does the sherrif suspect of this?


Wel all this new information that Dr. Baden is coming out with has got me little concerned.

I've been in shame of knowing this. (Conversations are known to take place in reverse speech. He appears to be answering Greta's reversal by indicating the authorities suspect he knows Kathleen didn't drown.)


 ...and examine this coroner's reports , you know, I'm still of the belief that she died accidently in the bathtub.

I wish to feel the (gibberish) smell on this. ("Feel" is a metaphor: to experience the emotions. "Smell" is a metaphor: to explore the possibilities. He want the focus to remain on an accidental death in the bathtub.)


MSNBC - Verdict with Dan Abrams 4-24-08


Well last time I talked to her she told me she was leaving with someone else.

God damn it. Tell it. (He is annoyed that he has told this before.)


I've much said, you know what am I supposed to do with me and the kids, and what are we supposed to do now and she seemed kind of snotty in the phone conversation so...

Misuse in the one witness, so sure who was there it could mean. But they wouldn't sex him up with a wife. That's dumb. ("Sex" is a metaphor:what makes it all work; any form of high energy that can be inspiring and invigorating.) know, or other parts of the world where I think she possibly is.(responding to why he hasn't been searching for Stacy.)

She is actually there low. Will start the lie.


Not particularly. I think they... (Asked if the police would give him the benefit of the doubt.)

They are pissed. I will first respond.


I'd say I'm the unluckiest guy in America. (Asked if he is behind the allegations that the women in his life have made.)

A crime, and I actually still might mess them. ("America" reversed sounds like "a crime" could "Crime" in this case actually be a metaphor? If so it may mean: psychic damage done in the past. "Mess" is a metaphor: emotional chaos. Has he mentally abused these women in the past, and does he think he still may be having an effect on them?)


All those statements that were played out for me is all facts. (People are under the impression that he is bad mouthing Stacy.)

I have found that I am her father. ("Father" is a metaphor: implies little emotional connection. He doesn't feel bad for bad mouthing Stacy.)



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